The Cosmic Bloodstream

By: elvenstoneandfairy

Aug 18 2010

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Cosmic Bloodstream
While science is steadily uncovering the electrical nature of the human being – the way in which the brain and nervous system, the heart and the blood, are all powered by electrical processes – an hiatus remains in understanding how the human being is electrically connected to his environment. If this hiatus were to be bridged, man’s potential role as a conscious, electrical intermediary between the microcosm and the macrocosm would begin to reveal itself. As yet, electricity is dismissed as a significant factor in universal processes, but it is a truth that is knocking ever louder on the door. When finally admitted entrance, the realization that a cosmic bloodstream circulates throughout all that lives and breathes will help to transfer the concept of “the brotherhood of man” from mere romanticism to hard scientific fact.


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