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Feeling is an extraordinary tool.  The World’s Greatest Masterpiece. The Art of the Universe.

Feeling is what enables the capacity for being human…humane.  Feeling teaches the capacity for compassion through the magnetic nuances of energy.  Feeling is what connects body and mind to the divine.  The same divine calling that gives us breath, sunshine . . . life.

Feeling through the Art of Empathy will teach and gently guide humanity back to the intrinsic force of Gentle Power… that gentle nurturing power that comes in the forms of rocking waves and wondering breezes.

The path of becoming an Empath is sometimes a hard and rocky path.  For in feeling there is much to consider and experience.  Loss, grief and hardship are also some of the flavours of feeling and enduring that experience of another being takes profound strength and compassion. 

However the ability to feel is what makes one human, the opposite of being unfeeling or inhumane.  Feeling IS the gap between all; between all of humanity and the natural world and the cosmic reality that exists beyond this realm.    The most courageous path is that of feeling and to be gentle and to walk in the guidance of kindness.

Feeling is what awakens the altruism inside. The same altruism that exists throughout all of humankind and all species kind.  It exists, it just needs to be touched to be awakened.


2 comments on “Feeling”

  1. Very well said & so true! What steps do you recommend for those people who need to be “awakened?

  2. Thank you for your wonderful question! How does one awaken? How does one begin? This is a question to be asked and for the answer to be discovered, in time, upon their individual journey. The Great Buddha has spoken into this: the opening of the heart flame. Jesus and many prophets speak about awakening through the heart, the heart chakra or just the awareness of that pure being within us. To awaken, one can begin by simply doing this: acknowledge the heart within them. To put one’s hand upon their centre and look inwards. To bow their heads to their inner centre. Bowing to one’s own heart in honour of it’s existence. This I believe is the beginning of awakening, acknowledging the wisdom of the heart….

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