Heal Thy Self

Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Heal Thy Self, Heal The Planet:

My hope is that as we heal ourselves, we will continue to surround ourselves with enough love and light that we can overcome all the shadows holding each of us down from being the brilliance that we are meant to be.

Like many of us, I have walked with angels my whole life but did not know it as they guarded, protected and embraced me. Then, for a time they have let me stand in my own shadows to find my own way.  This has been a hard and painful reminder that I must choose my own path and that I have absolute free will in my life. 

I have again called with deep earnesty for the angelic realm to return and to assist in the healing of ourselves and our world. In hope, although sometimes also cast in doubt, I pray there will be cosmic help in our global effort to heal the beautiful Gaia, Mother Earth, the animal kingdom and the broken heart of humanity. I feel an overwhelming sense of urgency about the health of our selves and our beautiful planet and all the kingdoms that are trying to coexist with humanity.  I feel that in healing ourselves we are healing the world, step by step.  

And my hope is that as we heal ourselves, we will slowly activate our own voice, our own passion and voice of compassion to speak on behalf of those who have no voice, to become the lawyers of the world, seeking true justice for those who have no protection; to become the guardians of the waterways and the watchers of the starways.  To become more of who we are to allow the dream of all creatures to unfold around us like a flower in the essence of her love shedding tears while the rays of sunshine lighten her heart.  As a bud, we are nourished.  With sunlight, starlight, raindrops, dew and minerals we will discover the magical rose petals within us begin to unfold around the outer surface of our lives.

I feel this urgency for each to unfold with the full potential and beauty that they are.


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