About Me

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have been on a life long healing journey since the beginning of my time on earth.  I recall at the age of 2 seeing the world through very different eyes.  I connected with the earth, communed with the trees, spoke to the plants and animals in the universal language that a child still knows. The language that connects us to all that is unseen. Somehow I ensured the veil would never allow me to forget this path.
My early years were spent wandering through the forests walls, creeping through creeks, playing with fairies and being embraced by the love of the natural world and it’s inhabitants.  Living in the human consciousness feels unnatural for me and I have worked hard to try and understand the many layers that inhabit a person’s energy field.

am most comfortable with animals for they are the core: perfect, and accessible.  However I feel I can bring some of the gifts of nature: of the elementals, spirits of trees and guardians of nature to the human soul to begin an awakening and healing processes.

My love for animals is complete I do not eat them nor use them nor harm them. I have taken a vow of non violence and I live by this with faith. My religion is kindness and my love is deep.

I welcome you.


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