One on One

What to expect:

I am not an expert in any specific modality. I am an intuitive.  I rely more on my inner dialogue and impressions I receive from connecting to the world around me than I do to the training and instruction I have received in the past.  I do not believe one form is better than another, however I have found that for me personally I am far more often correct when I trust what I feel, more so than when I trust what I have been told is true.  Therefore I often listen to that inner guidance which often contradicts what the world expects us to see and believe.  I call this being out of the matrix for I feel most often that I am on the outside of the world looking in.  I need to honour the experiences and the feelings that people are having and respect where they are at all times, but I often feel and respond stronger to the soul and it’s deep, springing desire to learn, grow, explore and expand.  Often I will commune more deeply with the soul in a session than with the surface chatter of where people tend to be emotionally and mentally.  I am polite and respectful however I will often challenge you to become truer to what your feelings desire for you and where you more deeply wish to be.  Which I believe is the true expression of yourself.

If you feel like taking that next step possibly beyond your comfort level I am the one who will encourage you to leap and fall hopefully on your feet, but if not it does not matter.  We are all here ultimately for the same ride, an expression of ourselves, however the expression of who we are is different within each of us. It is the spark that Universe created for us.  Each with an individual footprint, mind, heart and soul connection back to the Original Blueprint.  All of us finding our unique blueprint to express to the world our own wonder, joy and creativity.

Come and talk to me to find out more about the next step of your soul journey. Come and see me for a healing session where the body can be laid to rest and the soul can come and step out and foster a new spiritual adventure.  Come and see me for a cup of tea and a chat about life.   I am here as a pathway to your own personal heaven, a dreamscape to the new world.


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