Bio Electric Fields

By: elvenstoneandfairy

Aug 18 2010

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Energy Medicine Practice

Every living thing has a bio-electric field which acts like a blueprint of the physical body. At the same time it supplies us with the required life energy rather like a battery. This force can be photographed or scanned with the appropriate equipment. Our vitality depends on the size of this force field, and when evenly distributed around the body, we are in good health. Any blocks or deficiencies in this field will eventually manifest themselves as weakness or disease.

The scanning process of Electro Crystal Therapy is a scientific method by which these energy blocks or vacuums are located. Thereafter, balance within the field is restored by feeding the appropriate frequencies back into it. All this is a totally painfree and relaxing process and healing can take place astoundingly fast particularly in acute new conditions like sports injuries – chronic diseases take a little longer.

Electro Crystal Therapy has been known to help with every kind of disease from cancer to auto-immune disorders like ME or Lupus, MS, digestive disorders, back problems, migraine, stress, asthma and other allergies. It speeds up healing after injury (in particular broken bones) and can act as a powerful pain reliever.
“From laying in bed to dancing instead”
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