By: elvenstoneandfairy

Aug 10 2010

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When it comes to the hardship that sometimes comes along with feeling, it would be nice to occasionally think that we could be like an android, incapable of feeling pain, hardened like a stone, void of feeling and only calculating answers at a rapid speed.  However, the capability to feel is what makes us human, the opposite of unfeeling or inhumane.

Feeling is what makes us be capable of compassion and empathy, one of the most extraordinary capacities of humanity.  A trait that touches upon the divine.  The divine capacity of knowing through experiencing another’s state of being is not unique to human beings, it is something available and practiced by all members of life on earth.  It is  not just humans, but all sentients which I define as  plants, minerals, etheric bodies and those non human beings we somewhat dismissively title “the animals.”  All sentients experience both pain and joy, love and sorrow, anger and resentment, grief and loss, empathy and compassion and much more.  This is the area where we connect to all life on earth.  Through sentience, through feeling and through understanding.  This is what bridges the difference between me and you, between us and them between plants and animals, between humans and non humans.  This is what will allow life to experience peace on earth perhaps for the first time ever.  Perhaps, if enough people believed in sentience, wars could not exist and destruction of life would be unbearable.  For we would experience the grief and sudden pain of others, making it literally impossible to cause suffering to another living being.

This feeling of knowing through compassion will guide humanity directly in her decision making.   That knowing so sweetly stated by Jesus in his profound statement, do unto others as you would have done to you.

Feeling can take us a step much further however than simply being able to relate through compassion and empathy.  It allows us to understand and comprehend the unique lives of the beings and souls that we share this planet with.  Most significantly it allows us to translate our own feelings and communicate with those souls that do not speak our our vocalized language.


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